Taking Travel Photos

In the first year I spent a three week trip to South Africa.  This was my first meeting with the big unknown world outside Europe, which really gave me a taste! Large group tours, however, have never been my pleasure, so it was time to plan a trip on my own! After working for six months, I finally traveled on my first backpack trip with Southeast Asia. A wonderful polite journey with zero concerns and lots of new lessons about both the world and myself. And since I also wanted to show my newly-acquired girlfriend what the world had to offer, I went on a backpack trip around my third free year.

Finally after three free years the school motivation was on top again. I therefore took a bachelor’s degree in Digital Photo Production, but luckily I had some travel between the studies as well. I traveled to Burma, Thailand, Egypt, Italy, Latvia, the Benelux countries, and had a vacation with cultural studies in India.

I love traveling because the world is the best school of life! To me, travel is a lifelong study in geography, history, religion, science and language. But in addition, travel teaches us so much more, not least about ourselves. It’s strange how we first notice the beautiful scenery in the neighborhood after traveling to other parts of the world. The world’s diversity and contrasts teach us to appreciate our own lives and the goodies we have been born with. New acquaintances on the journey also give us insights into other environments. At the same time, travel makes us more tolerant and less afraid of the unknown. But the greatest discovery on my travels is that the dominant power of the world is goodness!